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What is the United Thank Offering (UTO) ?

The United Thank Offering is a ministry of the Episcopal Church.  

Through the United Thank Offering, men, women, and children nurture the habit of giving daily thanks to God.  These prayers of thanksgiving start when we recognize and name our many daily blessings.  Those who participate in the United Thank Offering have discovered that thankfulness leads to generosity.

A short prayer of thanksgiving leads to an 

offering in the United Thank Offering box.  All offerings are used to support grants for ministries at home and overseas as an outreach of the Episcopal Church.  Prayers and offerings make it possible for the UTO mission to stretch in unexpected ways.

How do I become a part of the United Thank Offering?

*Offer thanks and prayers as a part of your life in Christ.

*Take the opportunity to put an offering in you United Thank Offering Box.

*Bring you offering box, envelope, or check to your local Episcopal Church on Ingathering Day.

*Join your offering with others to support mission projects at home and around the world.

How is the United Thank Offering received?

From its inception as the United Offering in 1889 until the 1920's, the thank offering was gathered at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church every three years. 

During the 1920's, the United Offering became the Untied Thank Offering and the first offering boxes were designed.  

Today congregations are encouraged to hold an ingathering twice a year during the spring and fall when people can bring their thank offering to be collected and joined with others' offerings, boxes, envelopes, or checks. 

How does my offering become a part of the mission outreach of the Episcopal Church?

* The UTO Committee makes grant awards in the spring of each year

* Applications that address compelling human need and/or expansion of mission and ministry are welcomed.

* Each diocese if the Episcopal Church USA may submit two requests each year. In addition, applications are invited from some of the other Anglican Dioceses and Provinces around the world.

* UTO Committee members research each grant in their respective Provinces; they present the grant proposals to the committee as a whole.

* Grants that meet criteria are funded in whole or in part as far as the monies will stretch.  Not all grants can be funded, as requests often exceed the money available.


What Kinds of things does UTO fund?

* Kitchen equipment for a homeless shelter

* Playground for a child-care center

* Handicap access in church and service buildings

* A school in the Dominican Republic

* Family counseling 

* A dental clinic for the poor

* Half-way houses

* After-school programs

* Vans and other vehicles

* A library for a seminary in Africa

* A Bishop's house in a new overseas diocese

The mission of the United Thank Offering is to expand the circle of thankful people.  To achieve this mission we encourage daily prayer, offerings, and awareness of the abundance of God's blessings. 

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